CHH Plywoods

We stock Newcastle’s largest selection of plywood products. Our range consists of structural and non-structural sizes, treatment levels & grades.

We stock Newcastle's largest range of plywood products, from Australia's best manufacturers.

Carter Holt Harvey plywood is the benchmark of quality plywood in Australia.

Our range consists of Non Structural & Structural CD Square Edge, Structural Ply Floor and Formrite Formply.

  • CD Structural – F8 & F11 – Grades
  • CD Non Structural 
  • Formrite FormPly F11, F14 & F17
  • Plybrace F8 & F22
  • Tongue & Groove Plyfloor F11
  • Untreated, H2 & H3 Avaliable
  • 2400×1200 & 2700×1200 Sheet sizes in stock


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